Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Weekend Brunches

Hey y'all! J and I love food. Our favorite brunch spot on Saturday mornings is a place called Honey Jam. The ambiance is really cozy and nice. They have the best pancakes I have ever eaten. That is seriously a bold statement. J is a little partial to a more manly meal: The Boars Head Benedict. It even sounds manly. This time I tried the Pecan Belgium Waffle because my mom got it last time and she described it as tasting like pecan pie. Oh yes. Enough said.
For all my Texas readers looking at this fire place while dealing with 90° weather...I know it's weird. It was around 60° for most of the morning and evening today. The fireplace was cozy.

Manly...Boards Head Benedict.
Pecan Belgium (Pecan Pie) for breakfast. No judgement.
It does not get much better than sleeping late and eating good on a Saturday morning.
Happy Wednesday.
Be back soon.



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