Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Twenties Tuesday: One Day by David Nicholls

Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday. I worked so hard to finish One Day so that I could stay on track with Twenties Tuesday. Once I got over the initial dismay mentioned in this post I sped through it pretty quickly. It became an easy read that ended each chapter with a cliff hanger that left you wanting more.

 I am not sure how I feel about the book yet. It’s a book about life stages, bad timing and waiting. The novel follows the lives of two college friends over the course of their lives for 20 years and the marriages, loss and loneliness that ensues. Is it relatable? Yes. Is it realistic? Maybe. Did it leave me with a warm fuzzy feeling as I turned the last page? No.  

 The problem could be that I am in my early twenties and have not lived enough of life to find the book extremely relatable. The thought of crushing and lusting after the same man for 20 years as he sleeps with half of Europe does not seem realistic to me. The main female character portrayed herself as a stout feminist, but her actions contradicted her beliefs time and time again. Annoying.  

Overall I thought the book was alright. I probably would not recommend it, but I would not verbally attack the book (or movie, for that matter) if it were brought up in conversation.

Just a side note: I do not remember much from the movie, but as I was reading I had flashbacks to scenes in the movie. I think that is a good indication that the director, Lone Scherfig and David Nicholls did a good job keeping the movie paralleled to the book.

Be back soon.

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