Friday, June 14, 2013

Favorite Blogger Friday

Hey y'all! I don't remember how I found Emily from The Doctors Fleming, but I am so glad that I did. She is such an inspiration to me.

Isn't she cute?!

Here is a few reasons why:
1. She is a medical student.
2. Not only is she a medical resident, but she wants to work in emergency medicine.
3. She is in the Air Force.
4. The travel posts are so beautiful and makes me want to travel the world.
5. Her blog posts are sincere, genuine and she puts her "real life" emotions into it.

All of this and she is gorgeous and hilarious! She is just really relatable to where I am in my life right now. J and I have been married about as long as her and her husband have and if she is having a bad day because they are having a fight...she is going to blog about it. I love it! She also lived in Chicago for a while and is now residing in San Antonio, TEXAS. Oh, Texas. How I miss you. She has also provided support and inspiration to one of my friends from church going through medical school. I recommended her blog to my friend after I read about Emily's struggles with balancing married life and wanting children with the medical field. We just can't get enough. She is seriously great.

Check her out! Tell her I sent you. Show her some love.

Be back soon.

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