Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pool Tales

Hey y'all! So, I have a little story for you. Let me give you some back story so you can enjoy the story a bit more, First of all, Chicago has gloomy weather. This week for example has a ratio of five gloomy/rainy days to two sunny/summer days. Secondly, speedos and crowded swimming pools are not my scene. Ok, now that we have that out of the is the story.

This past Sunday, J and I went to a great church service and had a delicious lunch together. On our drive back home we noticed how beautiful and sunny the weather was for our last day of the weekend. As mentioned above, I feel like it is never sunny here so when it is...I spend the whole day outside. We decided it was a pool kinda day. We changed and headed to our apartment complex's community pool.

We scanned our key card to get in the gym/pool area and walk through the each designated locker room to get into the actual pool area. We walk in and almost all of the beach chairs are taken. (Again, as mentioned above, I do not like millions of people in a small pool area. Think peeing in the pool and who knows what else.) We are left with the last two available chairs that just happen to be next to two gentlemen from India. We get all set up with our books, beach towels and head phones. Then it happens.

One of the gentlemen we are sitting next to gets ready to get in the water and when we look over he is wearing a 'boy short speedo.' That is what I am going to name it anyway. Fine, I can handle it. Except for then he proceeds to strut around the length of the pool with his 'flag at half mast' so to speak. There are children at the pool, people. I'm giggling at this point, but I'm trying to hold it together. Oh no, it doesn't end there.

Besides the fact that he is hairy, has a nice sized gut and I can see the under crease of his bum sticking out of his 'boy short speedo' (you know what I'm talking about, the part of your body that only your significant other and doctors are supposed to see where your legs meet your rump), he has the nerve to be hitting on any female that doesn't have a man with her in a very creepy way. Oh by the way, as he is drying off, he is propping his legs up on the pool ladder to dry his legs. I lost it. I completely lost it. The best part happens next.

I think, finally he is going to leave! Hallelujah. I start reading my book. J is sitting in the chair closest to these gentlemen and quietly says "did you see what just occurred?" First of all, I start laughing because of how he said 'occurred' and reply "no, what happened?" He says, "nothing, just keep reading your book." He proceeds to tell me that the gentlemen who has "entertained" us all afternoon just changed out of his 'boy short speedo' into his regular clothes IN THE POOL AREA. J said " I can't un-see that." Our apartment manager happened to be there at the pool laying out and reading his comic (?) and came over to explain that would not be tolerated.

Sorry this was so long. I had to share. I'm laughing as I'm typing this thinking about J's facial expressions and my inability to control my laughter. Needless to say, pictures will not be provided for this post.

Be back soon.

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