Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Last days of Spring

Hey y'all! There are only a few more days of spring left this year and although summer feels as though it has already begun (in some places), I want to relish in the last few moments of spring. Our first spring in the north has been beautiful. More than likely we were just so thankful to see the sun again and feel warmth on our skin, but the trees blooming and seeing our little town with actual grass on the ground for the first time since we have moved here has been nice too. Our nights and weekends have been filled with family vistors, admiring all the new blooms on the trees and noticing the "wildlife" outside our door.
Rabbits and geese are everywhere. Seriously, it's kinda weird.

My favorite part of spring so far has been the momma robin making a nest outside our bedroom window. Three eggs. Only two baby birds though. They actually look like baby robins now! Love.

Spending the days outside playing golf and taking Ellie for long evening walks have been pretty great.

Rain brings rainbows. Makes me remember the power of God. Every time.
Bring on summer.
Be back soon.

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