Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day

Hey y'all! Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Yesterday was Father's Day and I did not get to spend it with my dad because I'm in Illinois and he is in Texas. I sent him a present and gave him a phone call, but it wasn't the same. I love my parents very much. When we decided to move I was ecstatic about a new adventure, but my only source of heartbreak was not having easy access to my family. Yes, they are only a phone call away, but sometimes a hug or a friendly debate in person is what I need.
I found one of those "All About My Dad" Questionnaires that you are supposed to ask little kids, but I am going to fill it a grown woman.
My dad's name is David.
He is 45 years old.
My dad's favorite food is fried chicken and his favorite treat is cheesecake or pound cake. I think.
He is really good at a lot of stuff: fixin' everything, grilling, athletic stuff - racquetball, basketball, volleyball, Frisbee, snorkeling and such, cutting his own hair, wearing skeletoes...and lots of other stuff.
He always makes me laugh when he laughs really hard. Oh my goodness, best thing ever. Oh and when he tries to trick us and makes up ridiculous things to try and make us all believe. Example: Los Lonely Boys on the side of a water tower. I fell for that one.
When my dad goes to work he spends his days working on airplanes and I don't know if he plays cards at his new place.
One thing my dad has taught me was how to change a tire. Thankfully I haven't had to use that skill.
Before he had kids, my dad was taking care of his parents and working hard.
My favorite thing to do with my dad is just hang out and talk. Politics, religion, life. He always brings up points that I would not have considered.
When I grow up I hope J and I can leave our work at work and not take it out on our family just like my dad.
I know my dad loves me because he takes care of me, worries about me, misses me and wants the best for me.
My aunt brought some more stuff to my attention. There's not many like him, if any. The "I can't breathe" tickling, the launching of your shoe right off your foot at any given time, pretending to trip you...and you actually trip, his laugh when he cracks himself up, when he hugs you he means it....and he braids hair really awesome too! The greatest Dad for you....and the definition of what a perfect brother is for me Gotta love him

So...Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you very much.
Be back soon.

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