Friday, May 17, 2013

Shopping Addiction

Hey y'all! Let's get one thing out in the open from the very beginning...I can't stop shopping. I mean, we aren't going into debt or anything, but I love to buy stuff. Watching YouTube videos and reading every reasonable "fashion" blog known to man is feeding my obsession because every time a beauty guru suggests or raves about a product I feel the need to purchase it. That's the point right?

Today the damage was done at Marshalls and Target. Not too much damage, but just enough for me to be excited about the things I got!


Of course, J (my husband) didn't like the wallet I found for him so I will be returning to Marshalls in the near future.  I'm sure you will hear much more about my shopping endevors in the near future. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Be back soon.

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