Thursday, October 10, 2013

Can We Just Start Over?

Let's see...when was the last time I posted? Oh. The end of July? Here's what you've missed:

Dad, Mom and my sister came to visit in August and we had so much fun! My poor husband had to work so he missed our fabulous day. We went to the (free) Lincoln Park Zoo, dipped our toes in Lake Michigan and had ice cream sandwiches. It happened to be National Ice Cream Sandwich Day and if you know my family, you know that this had to happen. My family got to experience Chicago traffic, save my husband for a blown transmission (bleh) and cuddle puppies that we knew we weren't going to buy (J and Dad refused to be a part of this, but my sister, my mom and I had a blast).

My sister came for a long visit and it was awesome! She went to babysit with me all week. The kids I babysit are STILL talking about how nice and funny she is. She got to meet our Chicago friends! We learned how to make pizza (gluten free and regular). My favorite part of the trip was our girls day. We got pedicures, ate sushi, went shopping and I colored her hair! I mean...come on?!

J and I went to White Sox Stadium when the Rangers came to town. It is off the checklist. We have been to Wrigley and we have been to White Sox Stadium (both when the Rangers have been to town). There are no more baseball stadiums to see. Check and check.

We made some more friends. We went on double and triple dates. It's been really fun building relationships and watching other young, Christian married couples grow with us. One of the most comical multi-dates was fitting eight people (quadruple date?) around our tiny TV in our tiny apartment. Picture it. Let it sink in. We went to Lincoln Park Zoo, football games and coffee (and hot chocolate for J) dates. Disc golf and camping and the Chipotle Festival and A LOT of awesome food. Have you ever seen homemade pasta being made? It's pretty cool! I can teach you now...if you want. Just sayin'.

We went to Texas! We went home! Together, at the same time. Everything was going great until our flight got delayed 2.5 hours. There were storms earlier that morning and it backed up the entire airport. Blah. I tried to keep the mood up. It worked...can't you tell?

I had a wonderful early birthday dinner with my parents and sister and aunt and cousins and grandparents. I love watching my cousins grow up. I didn't think it was possible to love them anymore, but every time I am around them I am reminded of how much I love their personalities and jokes. I was feeling pretty loved by everyone that night.

So that's it. It isn't like I didn't have anything to blog about, but I was really enjoying the visits and living life. I'm happy and content with my life right now. I miss my family every day, but I love my husband and trust the plan Christ has for us.

Be back soon (maybe, but probably),

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