Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Out of Gas

Literally. I literally ran out of gas for the first time ever...with two small children whom I am responsible. Ugh. 

Hey y'all! So I am babysitting for a living right now. I watch two kids three days a week. One girl (age 5) and one boy (age 3) are keeping me busy during the week. 

The summer has been providing us with great things to do! We have been going to the library every morning to practice reading and to go to story time. "Nature hikes," pool days and open gyms at the local rec center have made the days go by so quickly. 

Yesterday, we went to the pool! Great, right?! It was...until we went to load up and my car wouldn't go. I assumed it was gas, but the battery and low oil pressure lights came on so I got nervous that it was more serious than low fuel. I called J. We carpool so he had to get a guy from work to come rescue us. 

Everything worked out. It was just out of gas. They rescued us and the kids were so great and I didn't get grumpy (miracle). I thought I would get the kids a special treat since their babysitter and her husband are ridiculous sometimes. They had never had a slurpee! Then I went into panic mode again--thinking their mom doesn't want me to give her kids slurpees. 

All turned out well. Their mom was so great about everything. The kids were so great about the whole situation. The little girl always tells me that they are my practice kids since I don't have any kids of my own. Well, I actually felt it yesterday.

Glad yesterday is over! Here is to today.

Be back soon. 

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